What are PWA applications
(Progressive Web Apps)

PWA applications are like all mobile applications and work in exactly the same way as the applications you have on your mobile. They are available in the Play Store and App Store from where the user downloads and installs them on his mobile.

What is the difference between them and Native Applications?

A Native application is Facebook (or Airbnb, Booking, Tripadvisor etc.). This means that if you visit the Facebook site through a browser (eg Chrome, Mozilla) you will see a completely different layout, design, buttons, etc. than if you visit the Facebook application. This is because the application has been built as a separate entity to work exclusively on mobile devices.

In contrast, the PWA application presents the website but as a Mobile application. In other words, the user to see your website through his mobile will no longer need to go through his browser (Chrome, Mozilla, etc.) but will  have an application permanently installed on his mobile from which he can visits your website. The big advantage is that they are made at a low cost (compared to native applications) and the visitor does not understand the difference between native and PWA. But there are other advantages:


Value for money

Much cheaper and faster construction than a native application.


Similar behavior and appearance with a native application (user does not understand the difference).


Always updated and automatically synchronized with your website.


Full responsiveness - Adapt to the screens of all mobile phones.

User Engagement

Big increase in user engagement.


HTTPS security.

No connection

It works even with very low internet connection while most sectors also work without internet connection.

Push Notifications

It offers the very important function of notifications on the user screen.

Easy download

Easy and instant download. The user downloads the PWA application from your website (or from any url you suggest). No need to move to the Play Store / App Store. Especially for iPhone users it is very useful and fast, because they do not have to go through the identification process that Apple forces them every time they want to download an application. There is of course the possibility to go up to the Play Store and App Store.


Improves the SEO of the website as it is now in the prerequisites of Google (Google Best Practices).

One of the most famous newspapers in America, the Washington Post, has built its own PWA application for its users. This resulted in:
- To improve the page load time by 88% compared to the traditional way (browser) for mobile.
- To increase by 23% the users who returned to the website through the PWA application within seven days.
- Enabled millions of readers to read articles even when they were offline.

Famous companies that have built PWA for their website.

Because it is now necessary

According to the latest statistics, users spend 87% of their time on their mobile applications, compared to websites from their mobile (13%). This shows that the Mobile Web is the New Web.